Tata Consultancy Services is the multinational IT company in the world with headquarters is in Mumbai Maharashtra. Its TATA sons backup organization. It produces work for more than 400000+ people. TCS provides service administration in BPO, Banking and other IT services. Now we discussed official TCS Webmail it is an open source email service designed for TCS employees. This is very particular and specific for a person who creates the webmail forces and the masses, the official website is that create utilization of TCSWebmail forces.From the past few months, Tata Consultancy services have changed its Webmail to a VPN. With the help of this virtual private network, users can access a privet network. VPN protects the data online. Hence accessing TCS Webmail login outside their system is difficult. Configure the TCS Webmail login process:-It is one part of the offered services from Tata consultants and the Tata Groups. The Tata Consultancy Services changes webmail to VPN because of that the employee should unable to access the latest work email on their mobile phone. But don't worry here is a way to quick fix for you to easily access your email in android device, iPhone and computers.Through Citrix Receiver:-This Citrix Receiver app is designed for the access of Webmail in your smartphone and computer. The Citric app present in the App Store and the Google store.Install the Citrix Receiver App.After successfully Installation of this app OPEN the Netscaler Gateway. It is the new page for Tata Consultancy Services.Here you need to use your credentials(Email and password) to log. After login through Citrix Receiver, you will be directed to your webmail.Now here you need to select Lotus Webmail in order to use the TCS Webmail page. After clicking on this you will be redirected to the login page. Enter your Username and Password in the login form to access your emails on IOS or Android devicesThis App helps you to access the TCS email outside the TATA consultancy systems. However, you will not able to access email older than three days. Tata Consultancy Services company has changed its Webmail to a VPN i.e. virtual private network over the past few months. By using this VPN the employees can able to access private network. By using these public networks you can share data remotely. Using this VPN, you can protects the data online. Hence, using this mail has become difficult outside their systems. Well, now here we have provided the easy ways to how you can access TCS Webmail from your smartphones or computers.


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